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Design Considerations For Effective Ballistic Protection

In the world of shooting ranges and tactical training, safety and performance go hand in hand. Finding the right balance is crucial, and that's where ballistics protections come into play.

As one of the finest manufacturers of high-quality ballistic products, TAP Ballistics understands the need to create a safe yet effective training range. Whether for law enforcement officials or civilian training range – understanding the fundamental aspects of designing premium-quality ballistic protection is a must.

In this blog, we will explain the primary design considerations to keep in mind to offer a safe training experience.

So let’s get started.

Essential Components of Ballistic Protection Design for Shooting Range

Designing top-notch ballistic protection is not an easy feat. Here are seven tips you can keep in mind –

Right material

Choosing the correct materials can make all the difference while building efficient ballistic protection for your range. Keep in mind that the material you choose must be able to withstand multiple hits and repeated impacts.

Opting for natural rubber—like in our bullet trap curtains—creates a safe environment for the target range. It can easily contain errant rounds and prevent bullets from straying or escaping the target area. Besides, it is vital to understand rating levels and determine which is best for your product.

Enhanced durability

There is no use in investing thousands of dollars in your range if it won't last for an extended period. So, it is vital to ensure the ballistic protection is designed in such a way that it can withstand heavy usage without compromising its effectiveness.

That is why using materials that can withstand wear and tear is critical. Moreover, it is wise to opt for readily available components that can be replaced without much trouble. For example, our self-healing targets improve durability while reducing overall costs.

Reduced noise levels

If you are looking into ballistic products for your indoor shooting range, noise levels play a critical role. You need to ensure the noise levels are not off the roof. While no single solution for effective noise reduction exists, you can employ multiple strategies.

For example, bullet trap rubber and curtains can help reduce noise levels as they absorb the bullet's energy. You can also explore layered composite designs that prevent lead splash-back and ricochets.

Modular designs

Another aspect that requires ample consideration is the modular design of the ballistic protection. Using modular components enables flexibility in the training range. Besides, it allows you to customize and replace components whenever required.

Modular designs make it easy to repair specific components without opting for a complete replacement. Depending on the training needs, you can simply adjust the product (like self-healing targets).

Safety features

While creating ballistic protection, safety is one of the most crucial components. You must maintain this aspect, and ensuring that all the quality standards are adhered to is vital.

Opting for angled surfaces while designing target practices is an excellent idea. It deflects bullets and prevents accidental injuries. Also, setting up signage is critical to prevent people from accidentally stepping within the shooting area.

High visibility

High visibility is a must when it comes to selecting ballistic protection products. Use contrasting colors with the environment for best results. The bullet marks must be visible even from a long distance.

Moreover, if you want to ballistics products for the outdoor areas, you need to consider the weather. Making them resistant to winds and rainfall is essential. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a product that isn’t weather-resistant.

Understanding the environmental impact of these products is also necessary. Due to this, we reclaim, recycle, and reuse scrap tires to design premium-quality outdoor ballistic products.


Lastly, repeated testing of the ballistic protection is necessary. Before you expose the range to customers, make sure it is fault-free. The products used in the range must comply with the highest safety standards. So, pick a ballistic protection supplier that guarantees as much safety as possible.

As one of the most reputable manufacturers, we conduct effective ballistic testing and ensure the products perform superiorly.

TAP Ballistics: Your Trustworthy Partner for Ballistic Protection

Understanding the primary design considerations while building ballistic protection is essential to ensure your shooting range’s safety. At TAP Ballistics, we adhere to compliance standards and design products with durability, safety, and enhanced performance.

One aspect that distinguishes us from others in the market is our stance on tire recycling and manufacturing. We are always on the lookout for new technology and tools to reclaim, recycle, and reuse scrap tires.

To learn more about how we can help you design a safe shooting range, get in touch with us via email or fill out the contact form.

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