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Rubber Trap Curtains keep your trap clean.  Eliminating contaminates like target paper and unspent gun powder reduce the risk of fire!  Crafted from natural rubber, they ensure a safer shooting environment by effectively containing errant rounds and ricochets, a critical safety concern in indoor ranges. These curtains not only prevent bullets from escaping outside but also protect structures like lights, pipes, and ventilation ducts, while offering sound abatement and a professional appearance. With self-healing properties, they withstand repeated rounds, providing economical and effective protection for shooters at the range.

  • Cut, tear and abrasion resistant 

  • Rebound elasticity (snap) 

  • Flexibility 

  • Good adhesion to fabric and metal, with proper preparation

  • ASTM Grade

  • natural rubber

  •  1/8"x48"x 50'

  • weight 144 lbs

  • life cycle 3,000 rounds

  • self healing smooth surface

  • reduce ricochet and bullet splatter 

  • superior tensile strength and flexibility

  • bullet rated 9mm to 7.62mm

  • Part # TBC3135

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