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No Gap Design

Modular rubber blocks form a complete surface area. The no gap design eliminates the potential for bullets to enter where rubber is not present. It will encapsulate a maximum number of rounds trapped inside shot from all angles.

Modular blocks allow for a 180 degree shooting potential in even the most basic shooting ranges. Drastically increasing the training opportunities for both recreational and tactical applications.

Modular / Custom Build


Our ballistic block is designed in an unique shape that allows vertical and horizontal stacking. The shape used in any combination provide a seam free surface that will capture bullets from all angles.

Use our ballistic block to build lane traps, tactical training rooms and shoot-houses. The modular capability give numerous applications to any training facility.

single block cropped.jpg

Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 9.5"

Weight: 36 lbs

Part # 4281200

modular blocks set up 8 dark base.jpg

Portable Training Wall

Eliminating seams that can allow bullets to go through gives our uniquely designed patent pending ballistic block a clear advantage. 

• 100% of the surface area is protected by rubber, creating a seamless finish omitting possible bullet hits on areas not protected by rubber.  

• High density, premium SBR rubber compound creates a block that will encapsulate bullets up to 7.62 caliber.  The special blend of urethane and rubber allows the ballistic block to capture several thousand bullets in a small area. 

• Our rubber is designed to capture bullets on contact, stop ricochet, stop bullet splatter and the self-healing nature improves performance and lengthens the life of the block.  End of life blocks can easily be replaced. 


• Life of the block is determined by the training but usually after thousands of rounds the block can be easily replaced.

Shoot Houses = Modular Blocks & 2" Panels

ballistic render overview_edited.png
range 1.JPG
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