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No Gap Design

The NoGap ballistic block builds a complete shooting wall.  The NO GAP design eliminates all seams found in other blocks and provides additional protection in the range.  The TAP No Gap block encapsulates thousands of rounds shot from all angles providing a 180 degree application. 

Modular / Custom Build


Our ballistic block is designed in a unique shape that allows vertical and horizontal stacking. The shape used in any combination provides a seam-free surface that will capture bullets from all angles.

Use our ballistic block to build lane traps to knee walls, tactical training rooms and shoot-houses. The modular capability give numerous applications to any training facility.

Expected life cycle up to 40,000 rounds depending on bullets used and use of the range.  Tested up to 7.62mm or 308 cal – non fmj bullet.  Tested 45,000 rounds 9mm at range before replacement. 

single block cropped.jpg

Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 9.5"

Weight: 36 lbs

Part # 4281200

End of Life Recycling

modular blocks set up 8 dark base.jpg

Portable Training Wall

Eliminating seams that can allow bullets to go through gives our uniquely designed patent pending ballistic block a clear advantage. 

• 100% of the surface area is protected by rubber, creating a seamless finish omitting possible bullet hits on areas not protected by rubber.  

• High density, premium SBR rubber compound creates a block that will encapsulate bullets up to 7.62 caliber.  The special blend of urethane and rubber allows the ballistic block to capture several thousand bullets in a small area. 

• Our rubber is designed to capture bullets on contact, stop ricochet, stop bullet splatter and the self-healing nature improves performance and lengthens the life of the block.  End of life blocks can easily be replaced. 


• Life of the block is determined by the training but usually after thousands of rounds the block can be easily replaced.

Shoot Houses = Modular Blocks & 2" Panels

ballistic render overview_edited.png
range 1.JPG
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