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TAP Silhouette target with paint can.jpg
  • Universal Size: 30”x18”, perfect for any standard target stand

  • All Weather Target: TAP rubber targets are wind and rain resistant

  • Self Healing: Material heals after bullet passage, enduring calibers from 22LR to 7.62 FMJ for hundreds of rounds

  • High Visibility Hits: Bullets leave a striking black mark for visibility even from long distances

  • Instant Feedback: Immediate impact feedback from short to long-range shooting

  • Close Range Training: Eliminates ricochet risk, bullets pass through the rubber target

Part #   4281320  

Self Healing Rubber Target    30”x18”    12 lbs

Part #  4281321    

Self Healing Rubber Target Mini    15”x9”    3 lbs

TAP Target on Range.jpg
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