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Ballistic Block Applications


TAP ballistic rubber is a critical safety element for high-volume shooting ranges handling a wide range of calibers0. These blocks absorb projectile energy, effectively minimizing ricochets and stray rounds. 
This significantly improves safety for shooters. Additionally, the inherent sound-dampening properties of this rubber create a more manageable and enjoyable shooting experience for everyone on the range.


Realistic simulations are essential for practical, tactical training, and our ballistic rubber makes it happen. Our NoGap Blocks and TAP Panels empower safety shoot houses. 
Whether absorbing the impact of live-fire exercises or facilitating realistic breaching maneuvers, these blocks ensure the safety of trainees while providing an authentic training experience. 


Leading commercial shooting ranges nationwide consistently choose TAP ballistic rubber for a reason. These blocks offer superior safety by capturing bullets and significantly reducing noise levels. 
This protects shooters and bystanders and creates a more pleasant environment for target practice. 

Man in field shooting Bob.png

Even personal shooting ranges can benefit from the safety and convenience of TAP ballistic rubber blocks and panels. They provide a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor target practice. 
Whether indoors or outdoors, TAP ballistic rubber blocks and panels promote responsible firearm use while minimizing noise and ensuring safety for yourself and those around you.

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